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Visible damage to ceiling tiles

Animal Biohazard Cleanup in Stevensville, MD

Water damage? Close, but think again! Unfortunately, these homeowners had raccoons living in their attic. Over time, the bio-hazard left from the raccoons saturated into the ceiling tiles, leaving terrible odors and visible damage. The raccoons have since been removed and our team is on site to properly dispose and handle all effected contents.

Soot on boat ceiling

Soot Remains from Boat Fire in Rock Hall, MD

SERVPRO of Queen Anne's, Kent & Caroline Counties was called onto a boat that had a small fire from a wooden basket placed on a hot stove top. Together, the wooden basket and the plastic utensils inside the basket caught fire, engulfing the boat with a terrible odor and a layer of soot covering nearly the entirety of the interior. Our crew cleaned surfaces such as the ceiling and counter tops with proper cleansers as well as removed all upholstered paneling, cushions, etc. to be properly vacuumed, cleaned and deodorized. For further precautions, we contracted out to have all air ducts within the boat cleaned to prevent any further odors remaining and circulating.