Photo Gallery

Fire damage to interior wall

Mold Remediation Following Fire

The small fire that went un-noticed also affected interior walls of the property. After removing wall paneling, our crew discovered mold growth that had been a result to the open walls torn down from the fire. We were able to remediate and remove the mold, ensuring this space was clean and good to go!

Fire damage to exterior wall

Small Fire Leaves Behind Major Damage

A small fire that went un-noticed for quite some time left behind terrible tracks and plenty of soot. This unfortunate event lead to mold issues later down the line from open walls and exposure to the elements. We were happy to be a part of getting all rooms affected cleaned up and mold free. 

Employee outside of stadium

SERVPRO of Queen Anne's, Kent & Caroline Counties at Navy Stadium

Over Labor Day Weekend, SERVPRO of Queen Anne's, Kent & Caroline Counties had the awesome opportunity to help ESPN as they covered the Navy Football game. Our crew worked hard to ensure that all common touch points of the coverage fleet were clean, making for a COVID friendly environment. Sports may look a bit different now-a-days, but we are happy to be a part of the reason they can still go on!

kitchen sink

Side-by-Side Sink Cleaning Grasonville, MD

We were asked to do a full contents pack out & cleaning of a rental property that is being prepared for the market. The previous tenants of this home allowed for a lot of build up on most surfaces- especially in the kitchen. The sink took a lot of elbow grease but was able to be completed revived thanks to Oxi-zap and Wall and All. 

truck in warehouse

Our Office- Stevensville, MD

Here is a peek inside a portion of our warehouse! Our office/warehouse is conveniently located in Stevensville, MD. We have big plans for this space and are excited to keep you updated! 

Mold growing on cabinet

Mold Growth in an RV- Stevensville, MD

When closed up and sitting for long periods of time, an RV is the perfect incubator for mold. This particular RV sat in a garage for the entire summer, allowing the humidity to work its magic and stimulate mold growth. The mold growth was particularly prominent on surfaces within the kitchen and bathroom as well as around windows. We were thrilled to tackle such a unique job and even more excited to return the RV in pristine condition, "Like it never even happened."

Visible damage to ceiling tiles

Animal Biohazard Cleanup in Stevensville, MD

Water damage? Close, but think again! Unfortunately, these homeowners had raccoons living in their attic. Over time, the bio-hazard left from the raccoons saturated into the ceiling tiles, leaving terrible odors and visible damage. The raccoons have since been removed and our team is on site to properly dispose and handle all effected contents.

Soot on boat ceiling

Soot Remains from Boat Fire in Rock Hall, MD

SERVPRO of Queen Anne's, Kent & Caroline Counties was called onto a boat that had a small fire from a wooden basket placed on a hot stove top. Together, the wooden basket and the plastic utensils inside the basket caught fire, engulfing the boat with a terrible odor and a layer of soot covering nearly the entirety of the interior. Our crew cleaned surfaces such as the ceiling and counter tops with proper cleansers as well as removed all upholstered paneling, cushions, etc. to be properly vacuumed, cleaned and deodorized. For further precautions, we contracted out to have all air ducts within the boat cleaned to prevent any further odors remaining and circulating.