Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage Leads to New Floors

This client had a major water leak that effected 2 large areas of her home. She was so excited to hear that we offered flooring installation! We were so happy t... READ MORE

Kitchen Upgrade

A real estate agent reached out to us in hopes of getting her condo listing prepped and ready to be listed. She updated all the floors within the condo with new... READ MORE

Down to the Bones- Chestertown, MD

This homeowner suffered a large fire loss that effected about 80% of her house. Luckily, it wasn't a total loss, but most areas did require extensive demo. The ... READ MORE

Water Damage Garage Ceiling- Chestertown, MD

This homeowner had a damaged roof for quite some time which lead to a great deal of water damage and mold growth in her garage. This was an extensive remediatio... READ MORE

Cat 3 Water Loss- Who Will Take Care of This?

We will! Why choose SERVPRO to take care of the dirty work? Because we have the knowledge, tools and expertise to get it done right & efficiently. This home... READ MORE

Pigeon Biohazard Commercial Clean Up- CHESTERTOWN, MD

For several months while this commercial space was left unfinished, pigeons had made themselves right at home! Our crew was called on to clean up the mess the b... READ MORE

Pack up & Move Out- Market Ready

We helped The Williams Home Team pack out this kitchen as one of our steps to getting this house market ready. Packing out a home of its contents can be tedious... READ MORE

Basement Cleaning- Grasonville, MD

As a part of getting this home clean and ready to be put back on the market, we made sure that the basement could be seen as a great living space within the hom... READ MORE

Deep Clean- Grasonville, MD

We worked with our local real estate agents to pack out all contents within this home and get it completely prepped, inside and out, to be relisted on the marke... READ MORE

Attic Clean-Out in Stevensville, MD

After treating this home for animal biohazard, it became a complete renovation job. The attic, where the raccoons had been living, was very cluttered and in nee... READ MORE